Monday, February 17, 2014

Big Helper

Checking out Dadio's new airplane

Jameson is prepping for his new role as big brother with practice fetching things for mommy. His favorite new thing is pushing his cart and grabbing the "nanas". So far most of these very controlled trial runs have been pretty smooth. He is following directions well, (until he doesn't) but really just wants to please. He has also become very good at saying "please". Finally! This baby is becoming a quite the little boy! 

Wind blown look
My personal stylist

Poor quality but such a sweet moment. And yes, he went to Earth Fare in his PJs.

What do you mean you're not going to let me get that cheese Danish mom? Of course I gave in and he didn't really care for it. Oh well! 

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  1. Love his pj's! Cannot wait until this weather breaks though. He's not going to know what to do when he's able to play outside again! We may never get him to come inside again!